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North Tahoe Event Venue

Bite Restaurant

Candlelight. Organic Accents. Warm. Modern.

Welcome to a Tahoe Locals Gathering Spot – Bite Restaurant, North Shore.

There are many occasions that bring people to Bite.  For some its an impromptu gathering of fans to watch a game...others meet up after skiing to enjoy a warming cocktail and some reviving snacks. Some join us for special occasions: dinner with the
house-guests, anniversaries and birthday dinners. And more than a few couples have actually gotten engaged at Bite (we have a great selection of champagne!) Whatever your reasons, we hope you visit often!

A Convivial Atmosphere

At Bite, we like to think that we create an environment as inviting as the menu is intriguing. We hope that all our guests, be they long-time regulars or first-time visitors, feel welcome and at ease when at Bite. If you are looking for good company and great conversation Bite's island-shaped bar is the answer. A community gathering place, Bite's bar is a welcoming spot to watch a game, catch up on the latest with your bartender, or just chat with friends - old and new. 

Of course, Bite is also a great Lake Tahoe venue for larger gatherings. Call us to schedule a special events. Our menu is ideal for groups, encouraging sharing and sampling of both food and wine - everyone will find something to love. And the party doesn't have to end with dinner - our dining room converts to accommodate entertainment and dancing. 

And our bar! Bite's island-shaped bar is a community gathering place. A welcoming spot to watch a game, catch up on the latest with friends, taste a new wine, or just chat with friends, new and old.

Art at Bite

Bite's modern decor is complimented by a variety of art produced by local talent. Currently, we are showing The Door Book , a series of photographs by Michael Dobson. This collection can be admired on the walls or purchased, either in book or calendar form.

Those with an eye for artistic appreciation will also notice the intricate woodwork throughout Bite's space. These inventive designs can be credited to wood sculptor Andy Cline's company, Roundwood Furniture. And much of Bite Restaurant's work was completed by Cline's apprentice, Kurt Bahneman.

Also of note are the steel and concrete work around the restaurant, fabricated by S&C Concepts. Tim Herrlein's modern aesthetic, rendered in concrete and steel, is an interesting counterpoint to Roundwood's more organic sensibilities.

Finally, Bite would like to thank the talented photographers who have brought us to life on the web:


Bite is Perfect for Parties!

If you're seeking a beautiful North Lake Tahoe venue for your event, call us at 775-831-1000. We offer a variety of options to suit your needs.