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Tahoe's Best Drinks

Tahoe's Best Drinks

Bar None - Bite Serves Tahoe's Best

A parched throat is not a thing to take lightly and here at Bite our bar staff is dedicated to providing you with a libation worthy of your thirst.  Our offerings, though diverse, are united in their careful selection.

Wine. Beer. Cocktails. Favorites & New Discoveries.

Feeling adventurous?  Bite bartenders are well informed to guide you to something new - an unfamiliar varietal of wine perhaps, or maybe an obscure craft brewed beer. Of course, as admitted bar geeks, we also deliver the classics - we know how important it is to make your favorite just right. There just might be something for everyone.

Try a new, artisan beer. We bring them in from all over the region and further afield. Or taste a wine that's new to you.

Share. Taste. Enjoy.

In a warm, modern atmosphere designed for both comfort and socializing, watch sports on HDTV, chat with friends, or warm your hands over a hot toddy at the bar. Join Tahoe locals and make Bite Restaurant your après-anything stop.

Try a New Wine

We pour wine in 2-ounce tastes, glasses, carafes and bottles. So you can taste a new wine then share your discovery with friends in carafe or bottle size. Or forge your own path with a glass for one. See our Wine Menu.

Try a Fresh Cocktail, Mixed from Scratch

If you are looking for something special, take a peek at our cocktail list. There you will find a flavorful variety of creations crafted with the very best ingredients - fresh herbs, house-made simple syrups, fresh squeezed juices, and premium spirits. Bite Restaurant libations are created on the spot – so, if by chance, you don't find something to suit your tastes one of our friendly bartenders will be more than happy to craft a cocktail in your honor.